Diversity Scholarships

Improv Comedy is fun, and we want everyone in Buffalo to learn about us and have the opportunity to take our classes. We also know that a strong and wide-reaching comedy community requires an array of experiences and perspectives.

Inspired by successful programs across the country, Buffalo Improv House is excited to offer diversity scholarships for the remainder of our 2024 class schedule.

These scholarships are open to people who might belong to communities or identify in ways that are underrepresented in comedy in general, and in our training program in particular. Buffalo is a diverse city and we want our program and programming to reach everyone.

Here is some basic info:

  • Diversity scholarships will apply to our Level One classes beginning April 2024, and this program will run at least through the end of 2024.
  • There will be a set number of scholarships available for each class session, and this number may be different from session to session based on the costs for each class & funding that may be available at a given time.
  • The scholarship will be good for at least 50% off a class; the details will be different from session to session depending on the costs for each class & funding that may be available at a given time.
  • If we receive more applications than we have spaces for, we will do our best to work with folks to find ways for everyone to take our classes. This being said, if it ever comes down to it, preference will be given to folks who apply early and who are looking to make improv comedy part of what they do. The exact details may be different from class to class depending on how this program evolves.

For full details and to apply for a scholarship, visit our application: