Improv Comedy for Corporations, Schools, and Professional Development

If you're looking for a unique office party or a powerful professional development experience that your team will talk about for years, give us a call!

Our workshops are engaging, highly interactive, and are rooted in our popular, performance-focused approach to improv comedy. Our instructors have decades of combined experience teaching improv with companies, schools, conferences and festivals! We look forward to working with your team or institution!

We have three “standard” professional development packages that we offer, and we can also develop a workshop specifically for your organization. Whichever workshop you choose will be customized to your specific needs or focus. We also offer ongoing improv training on a weekly or monthly basis. Please always feel free to reach out to us with any questions!


Yes, And! Workshop

★Our Signature Workshop!★

Our Yes, And! Workshop is a fun and empowering experience that dives right into the heart of what it means to be creative, present, and responsive in a team setting. Participants will be active and on their feet playing improv games and acting out various situations that require everyone to listen, embrace the ideas of others, and use their own voice. It is a ton of fun while being deeply worthwhile and effective. It’s a great team building activity & an awesome professional development option. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!

Improv comedy is founded upon the idea of Yes, And. As improv performers we embrace and absorb ideas from our teammates (Yes) and build upon them by contributing our own ideas (And.) Yes, And has become a popular concept and mantra in corporate settings over the past few years, with good reason! The same basic skills that improv performers use to build funny scenes can be applied to almost any setting where creativity and teamwork are necessary for success.

Brochure coming soon. For now, email us at for more info!

♫ Musical Improv Workshop ♫

Experience the magic that comes from making up songs in a group! Musical experience and singing ability are not required! Excellent for school groups with a performing arts focus, and great for any group that loves karaoke, musical theater, or creativity.

Participants in the Musical Improv Workshop will begin by exploring core building blocks of music and improvisation in a fun and structured way that is accessible to all, even folks without musical experience or who think they can’t sing. By the end of the session, participants will stage an entire improvised musical number as a group, complete with choreography and staging! Sounds impossible you say? Trust us. Not only is it possible – we have a 100% success rate!

Brochure coming soon. For now, email us at for more info!

[Fill in the blank]: The Show

A customized improv comedy performance that features contributions from your team! We will assemble a set of hilarious, interactive comedy that can be paired with one of our other workshops or offered as its own presentation. Great for parties, team-building, and rewards! Options include but are not limited to:

  • We interview a company VIP and then perform a “musical” based on their life
  • We perform a series of improv games with contributions from your team (many to choose from)
  • We perform a series of improv games featuring members of your team onstage (many to choose from)
  • We perform a show based on audience interaction and interviews

We can work with you to put the show together, or we can bring you a fully-planned performance. It’s very mix-and-match and highly customizable. A fun reward and team-building activity!

Brochure coming soon. For now, email us at for more info!

If these options are not exactly what you're looking for, we can customize something to fit the needs of your organization. We'd love to bring a fun and enriching improv comedy experience to your organization or school!