Everyone is welcome

Buffalo Improv House classes and events are welcoming & inclusive spaces. We foster an environment where people are comfortable to be themselves and where people are accepting of one another. We want people to be happy they are part of our community, to want to come back, and to recommend us to their friends and family.

To help us achieve this welcoming and safe atmosphere, we have an extremely reasonable conduct policy that includes a zero tolerance policy towards any harassment, hate speech, or comments that target people’s identities, even if intended as a joke. This includes but is not limited to sexual, racial, age-based, religious, ethnic, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity and/or expression-based harassment. Anyone taking our classes or participating in our events is required to agree to this conduct policy before stepping in the room.

This also means that we strive to include and reach out to communities that historically have not been served by performing arts companies like ours. Buffalo is a diverse city and improv is fun; we want our rosters and audiences to reflect this.

Our classes have seen folks with a vast array of backgrounds, beliefs, life experiences, ages, and identities, and everyone has been overwhelmingly positive and accepting of each other. As a student or a prospective student, we'd like to thank you in advance for helping to make our classes and events welcoming, friendly and safe spaces for everybody.